Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well its been a couple days. Im sorry for those of you have been following. Its been a very busy week. And Im trying to get a paper done and everything. Nothing major is really going on. I miss american food alot!!! Umm...this weekend we have a chorale retreat, hopefully it is fun! Busy weekend! I have a feeling that no one is really following this so if you are..please leave a comment so I know if people are interested or not...and if I get no replys...then im not going to continue this! Thanks guys!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last day of SAW :(

Well today was the last day of SAW and its kinda sad. I really enjoyed the services. I wish worship could go on forever. There is something about being in that moment of worship that just makes you want to be there forever!!! But were amazing! Dont really have that much to talk about today, plust Im not in that much of a mood of typing right now so ya. Stick around for more stuff :P Thanks guys!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aaron Dixon is using my back scratcher

Well Aaron is in my room and he is...well using my back scratcher. Anyways, today I had classes. Worked a lil then had service tonight!!!!!! Worship was amazing! <3 Dinner was sweet n sour chicken with noodles and it was so good!!!!!!!! After chapel I played ball hockey down at the church! Scored a goal and did some good stuff! Fun day...more fun tomorow!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So honored

Once again, another amazing chapel service! Learned about some deep stuff. Made a relationship with someone right, and feel like God lifted a weight off my shoulder. Like I said before, this week is SAW and tonight I got to play drums for worship! What an amazing and honoring oppurtunity it was to see all the students plus friends and family just worshiping whole hearted for Jesus Christ!!! Joanne Lyon spoke on forgiving, and ask if we had to forgive someone and we are letting God take that, that if you would like to come forward and share, and the testimonies of the people that went up there were just mind blowing! I will be praying for them all daily as I myself have had some of the same problems! Classes tomorow and I am in the middle of doing my homework now so I got to finish it. I hope everyone is doing well!

P.S. Remember, if you have something that you want me to write about, please comment or shoot me a message on facebook or email!!! I would love to have a topic to talk about once in a while!!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy day..but pretty fun in the long run

Hola...well today was monday, which meant classes :( But today went by fairly fast so I was happy. So today I went to Intro to Bible Study (IBS) with the teacher with super big white hair...and what was supposed to be the highlight of my day was now the saddest part of my day!!!! HE CUT HIS HAIR!!!! But class went by fast with the help of facebook, and Ninja Kiwi :) But after that I had a soccer game against the Green Apples of Distruction. We tied them (1-1) at the end of the game! It was a well faught game all the way through!!! After that I then had practice for Spiritual Advancment Week (SAW). I am playing drums and percussion for 2 of the 5 services this week and I am super excited and very honored to have this oppurtunity! The songs sound absolutly amazing and I love how they all sound! I cant wait to be able to just worship and lead everyone in worship! Well, Its time for beddy time!!! I pray that tomorow goes well with chapel and the SAW beginning!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ugh...Class tomorow :P

Hello world! Well today I had church. It was a really good service! Basically hung out the whole day...went to Frenchies which is a second hand store where I got a peacoat which I am lead to believe is basically brand new because the old navy price tag was still on it. Even though it is one size to small and only really small on the arms but I can work on that a lil bit :) We had an Elevate service tonight, and for me it was a good time to just be still and listen for God! Tomorow I have a pretty busy day so I probally wont be able to be on much during the day. But I will be sure to write all about it!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go Red Dragons!!!!

Hey guys, So to start off I would just like to say that the Red Dragons soccer team won against the Yellow Jackets in our second game of the day. The final score was 2-1 with amazing one time goals by Kari and Keith I believe with amazing assists by Axel. The whole team played really hard and it payed off in the end! Amazing saves by Dan in goal. We were unfortunate to win our first game in the morning but alot of the team was missing and I hear we played very well. So besides that, me and some friends decided to go on an adventure! Lora, Luke, Matt, and myself all went on a car ride through the far off land of Canada...We found giant cows which was probally the highlight of the trip. Then went to dollarrama and got a back scratcher, coffee cup, water bottle, and rave lights that go on your fingers that are really awsome!!!! As of right now im sitting in my room using my back scratcher and water bottle for gatorade! Pretty good day...hopefully tomorow will be even better! Reminder...leave comments or send me things to talk about. I will talk about anything or give advice about certain ask away! Keep coming back because im trying to do this daily :)